Property Management

Property Management

Enjoy Realty can help make all aspects of owning an income property the best possible experience it can be. We're here to show you how.

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Pricing Breakdown

At Enjoy Realty, we offer transparent and competitive pricing for our property management services. Our flat fee structure is designed to provide value and simplicity for property owners of all sizes.

Management Fees

# of Units Monthly Fee

1-3 Units 9%

4-7 Units 8%

8+ Units 7.5%


  • No Leasing Fee: Enjoy our services without any additional leasing fees when you sign a one-year agreement.
  • No Markup on Maintenance: We pass on the same great pricing we have negotiated through our volume business, ensuring no additional charges on maintenance.

Additional Information:

  • Volume Discounts: Owners benefit from the same competitive rates we secure through our large volume of managed properties.
  • Comprehensive Service: Our flat fee includes all aspects of property management, from tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance coordination and financial reporting.

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1. Property Marketing and Advertising

  • Listing properties on popular rental websites

  • Utilizing social media and other online platforms

  • Professional photography and virtual tours

2. Tenant Screening and Placement

  • Conducting thorough background checks (credit, criminal, and rental history)

  • Verifying employment and income

  • Reference checks

3. Lease Preparation and Management

  • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements

  • Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws

  • Handling lease renewals

4. Rent Collection and Financial Management

  • Collecting monthly rent payments

  • Handling late fees and eviction proceedings

  • Providing detailed financial reporting and statements

  • Managing security deposits

5. Property Maintenance and Repairs

  • Coordinating routine maintenance and repairs

  • Managing emergency repair requests

  • Conducting regular property inspections

6. Tenant Relations and Communication

  • Acting as the primary point of contact for tenants

  • Addressing tenant inquiries and concerns

  • Managing tenant complaints and disputes

7. Legal Compliance and Risk Management

  • Ensuring properties comply with local housing regulations and codes

  • Handling legal issues related to tenancy

  • Managing insurance claims and coverage

8. Move-In and Move-Out Processes

  • Conducting move-in inspections with detailed documentation

  • Overseeing the move-out process and final inspections

  • Managing security deposit returns and deductions

9. Accounting and Record Keeping

  • Maintaining accurate records of all transactions

  • Providing owners with regular financial reports

  • Managing tax documentation and filings

10. Owner Communication and Reporting

  • Regular updates and reports on property status

  • Providing owners with insights and recommendations

  • Transparent communication regarding any issues or changes

11. Vendor and Contractor Management

  • Establishing relationships with reliable vendors and contractors

  • Negotiating contracts and pricing

  • Overseeing vendor work and ensuring quality

12. Eviction and Legal Proceedings

  • Managing the eviction process in compliance with legal requirements

  • Representing owners in court if necessary

  • Handling all paperwork and documentation related to evictions

13. Technology Integration

  • Using property management software for efficient operations

  • Offering online portals for tenants and owners

  • Providing real-time access to financials and property status

14. Tenant Retention Strategies

  • Implementing programs and services to enhance tenant satisfaction

  • Addressing tenant needs promptly to reduce turnover

  • Offering lease renewal incentives

15. Investment Property Consultation

  • Advising on property acquisitions and sales

  • Providing market analysis and investment insights

  • Helping owners maximize their property’s ROI