Brown Farm

Brown Farm

Balanced neighborhood near the foothills and trails and still close to plenty of amenities.

Enjoy Realty and Brown Farm

Enjoy Realty is proud to represent buyers and sellers in the Brown Farm subdivision of Fort Collins.

​Why should buyers consider Brown Farm?

1. West Fort Collins location close to the foothills but still close to lots of amenities

2. Lots of access to open areas and trails

3. Holiday Twin drive-in is around the corner

4. Quick drive to Horsetooth Reservoir

5. Foothills and Horsetooth Rock are visible from most of the subdivision

6. Nice neighbors

7. Larger-than-average lot sizes

8. Walking distance to Safeway, Pringles, Intersect Brewery, and more at the Drake Crossing Shopping Center

9. Blevins Park in the NE section of the sub


*Photos courtesy of Kelly Keeler

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